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A reliable equipment is crucial for the success of this expedition. Any failure creates the direct threat to my
safety or even life.   With that in mind,   only the most dependable and trustworthy components were chosen.
Some pieces of equipment were designed or modified specially for this project, some are the prototype version
of products that will soon be available in the shops, most of them however can purchased in good outdoor and
bicycle shops. Read on for more details...

Please meet Pugsley, my desert crawler... It was created to explore places far
beyond range of any other bike. The frame is made of Cro-Moly steel for
maximum durability and shock absorption. Thanks to the very clever design
both frame and fork will accept 4 tires on 26 rims! Yes, that's twice the size of
standard XC tires. To make a full use of this potential, world's largest tires
Surly Endomorph 26 x 4" will be used, along with Large Marge rims. This should
allow the bike to literally float through otherwise-unrideable terrain. Other components include
Truvativ crankset teamed up with an old-school 8-gear XTR titanium cassette, Crank Brothers
pedals and reliable Sachs shifters.

The trailer - ExtraWheel

Carrying plenty of water and the supplies for over a month is a tough job. To relieve the bike a little
bit and spread the load on the larger surface, a unique trailer will be used. It rolls on a single 26"
wheel, similar to the one on the bike. That means one length of spokes, same tubes and other
parts, not mentioning traction advantages of large 26" wheel compared to tiny 16" of most
other trailers.ExtraWheel is able to handle up to 30kg of load and despite steel construction
weights less than 5kg, what makes it the lightest single wheel trailer on the market.
Same as bike, the trailer will roll on the monstrous 3.7" Endomorph tire. Be scared!

Bicycle Panniers - CROSSO

Apart from the trailer, the bike will be equipped with a set of two panniers on the rear
rack, and two on the front low-rider. All panniers were custom made by CROSSO to
achieve the best balance between weight and durability. Standard production bags
were stripped of their pockets, compression straps and other elements which are not
critical to their strength. This way rear set weights a little over 1000g and the
front one was trimmed down to astonishing 800g! No changes were made to the
mounting system which is based on virtually indestructible steel hooks instead
of plastic gizmos. All pannniers are entirely made in Cordura ® 1500 fabric.

Water Treatment & Water Transport - MSR

Probably no other piece of equipment is so crucial to keep me alive. The water from all
available sources will be treated by MSR MiniWorks EX filter. Made using only ceramic
elements, these filters are able to deal with bacteria, amoeba and other parasites as well as
with salt water. Drinking water will be carried in two MSR Dromedary 10l bags carried
on the trailer and two DromLite 6l bags in the panniers.

Camping Gear - MSR, Snugpak, Therm-A-Rest

When it comes to the camping gear, the lowest possible weight is the paramount.
MSR Hubba is a freestanding tent that despite its spaciousness weights just
1.3kg! Softie Micro sleeping bag, developed by Snugpak, adds only 800 grams
to my load but still provides enough comfort for freezing desert nights. I will
also use the super light Z-Lite sleeping matt produced by Therm-A-Rest to feel almost like at home :-)

Clothing - Icebreaker

Imagine cycling for over a month in one pair of shorts, one T-shirt and one pair of socks.
Add extreme heat, freezing nights, ubiquitous dust and no possibility to wash. Sounds bad?
There is one fabric able to cope with such conditions and one company that knows
how to use it in the best possible way. Icebreaker clothes are made from pure Merino
wool, procured from New Zealand's leading high country stations. They breath much
better than any synthetic fibre, provide unmatched temperature regulation and great
UV protection. Their natural anti-microbal properties make it possible to wear a single
item for months without washing! It is the best outdoor clothing available. After all,
millions of New Zealand sheep can't be wrong!

Navigation & Communication

I will use Garmin Etrex GPS unit along with traditional Silva compass and paper maps to find my way on the desert. Motorola 9505A satellite phone working in the Iridium system will be used for communication, with EPIRB 406MHz beacon as an emergency backup. Other battery operated devices include Silva L2 headlamp and Canon digital camera. Batteries can be easily recharged thanks to Silva SOLAR1 panel.