CSR Adventure is a multi-dimensional expedition. The main goal is to cycle the full length of the track with
no backup from outside. However, this ride is not about being extreme or setting new records. It will be great
to do something for the first time but my personal motivations are a bit different. I hope that this trek will change
something in my life, create a new perspective, reset my mind to enjoy all these small things we normally take for granted. I also believe that this expedition has the power to change something in other people's life. Together with WaterAid we are raising funds to provide safe domestic water to those who need it most. Will you join us?                 

To cycle the full length of Canning Stock Route with no backup

This is the main goal. I will have to cross the Gibson Desert, the Great Sandy Desert and the western section of Tanami Desert- nearly 2000 kilometers in total. It takes at least two weeks to cover the track by well prepared 4WD vehicle. Doing that by bike may take twice as long but the exact time is impossible to predict at this stage. Dune tests allowed me to estimate maximum daily distances as precisely as possible. Regardless of tests results, all preparations are aimed at 40-days long journey.

No vehicle backup or supply drops means total self-sufficiency. The bicycle is designed to carry food for over a month and up to 7-days-supply of water. All the remaining equipment (including clothes, tent, tools, spares, etc.) will weight no more than 4-5kg. For more details about my "Desert Crawler" please visit Equipment section. To learn more about the Route, click here!

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